The Collective wants to ensure the continuous production of communication and media materials around the Black and Afro-Iranian identity, the historical connections between Africa and Iran, Blackness and the Iranian identity as well as the advocacy for an empowering representation of Blackness within the Iranian discourse and culture.

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Resources on Dismantling Anti-Blackness in the Iranian Diaspora

Key Facts

Key Advocacy Messages

Community Leaders

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Thought Leaders

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Civil Society Organizations

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Family and Friends

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Haji Firuz: Our Call for Black Joy

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Can You See Us?

The “Can you see us?” series is a multimedia advocacy piece created by the Collective for Black Iranians that aims at bringing Black and Afro Iranian voices within the Iranian diaspora so as to minimize disassociation between Blackness and the Iranian identity. As the Collective solidifies its partnerships, content will soon be produced.